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Nothing is Happening

We invite you to a happening on the subject of nothing and ... ecstasy.
For an experimental and sensual journey through the Freihaus Hp23.
This centuries-old house has recently been revived, and now it's being "recorded" with an immersive Live Art event. In NIXTASY we devote ourselves to the ephemeral fleeting moment, the art of encounter, the art of being and letting go, the exploration of idleness. And all the way to ecstasy, and last but not least, at the Nixtasy party.

NIXTASY Happening
The research of nothingness is possible only in a small framework, so the number of participants in this happening is limited to 30 people!

Fr. 15.11.2019 from 20:00 till 23:00
Start: 20:00 at Hp23 reception (Hp23 – Linz, Hauptplatz 23, court).
Tickets Registration on Nixtasy: € 20 / Student*innen € 15

DJ BenOlsen (Barcelona)

NIXTASY is a Live Art event of Die Fabrikanten Live Art Coop
Gabriela Gordillo, Gerald Harringer, Julia Hartig, Bernadette Laimbauer, Patrik Huber, Theresa Muhl, Wolfgang Preisinger
Gäste: Ahoo Maher, Daniel Stimmeder, Ernst Demmel