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The department for economic-policy of the Federal Chamber of Labour faces changed political prevailing conditions: The expert reports of its first-class employees do not get through to the political decision-makers anymore. In order to make itself heard again, the Chamber of Labour has to break new ground in its public relations work. This also includes a changed behaviour of the chamber?s experts. It is no longer sufficient to deliver high-quality expert opinions ? they have to be appropriately adapted and communicated as well.

Together with the organizational consulting network OE-263 we lead an experiment: experts from the economic branch and employees of the department of communication form a team and start to work by interacting between the departments and laterally to the hierarchy ? heads and employees of departments cooperate regardless of functions. Now creative approaches to solve the communication problems originate directly in the concerned department.

With our inputs and the help of external communication pros from noted non-profit organizations, the team members work out the know-how and understanding for professional media work; OE-263 helps to work productively on the insecurity and conflicts going along with the changes. The specialists of the expert departments learn how to act and argue offensively on the exemplary subject ?existential provisions?.

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