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Complete Works 1988ff

GOOD TIMES: Pachleitner, magazine
SNOOZE! (Dösen!), happening
SECRETS. City Trips to Hidden Stories
LECTURE WTF IS LIVE ART with Aaron Wright, Fierce Festival (UK), Mary Paterson (UK), Marianne Ramsay - Sonneck, Club Real (D), Illana Mitchel, Wunderbar (UK)
SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Performance Art. Salzamt Linz, with Boris Nieslony, Beatrice Didier, Elisa Andessner

SPOTTER NIGHT: Live Art party at Raumschiff
SPOTTER TRIP: Live Art on the Danube
Di@log: Design of laboratory of teaching for young people
Wendelin: new wine-website
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz: brochure annual report 2016

SPOTTER AG: international one-to-one Live Art Workshop
WTF is Live Art? – short interviews on youtube-playlist with Brian Lobel (GB) and Lois Keidan (LADA-GB)
KULTUR.PARK.TRAUN: Coporate Design
Frag die AK. stand design for "Jugend & Beruf" fair
IN DER FREMDE: unaccompanied minor refugees show round town
Frag die AK. Jugendkampagne: new ways as mobile websides enable direct access to specialised knowledge of AK OÖ. (Printsujets, Videos,...)
ROWING FOR EUROPE: rowing trip from Linz to the Black Sea
Sozialplattform OÖ. new webside
SPOTTER 1: Workshop with Odyssey Works (NY)
IK BILANZ: CD produktion, website
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz: brochure annual report 2015
HOTEL OBSCURA: movie und catalogue, premiere Schikaneder Kino Wien

"Tu was, dann tut sich was": Communicational Design for the region of festivals "Mostviertel Mitte"
WTF is Live Art? – short-interviews on youtube-channel
m-haus design16: CD, further development
THE ART OF ENCOUNTER #6: Chinese Performance Art
THE EXERCISES 1– 4: series of experiments
HOTEL OBSCURA LINZ Workshop and Event at Hotel Wolfinger
UNTERNEHMEN EISENDORF. VERWEHTE GRENZEN – part of the exibition at Green Belt Center Windhaag
CAMERA OBSCURA at Kirchturm Weibern (Spinn-Rat 2014)
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz: brochure annual report 2014

THE DONATION - Asylum seekers cook and give away delicacies from their home countries
Nachtsalon - (NIGHT SALOON) A no-tell motel for live art experiences
Hotel Obscura: - an Australian-European Live Art cooperation project
30 years Vehikel :brochure, event, film, homepage
SPINN-RAT 2014 24h Jam Session in the area of Hausruck
Guten.Morgen.Salon #10: Tomas Sedlacek FATAL GROWTH
GfK - Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik: Coporate Design
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz: brochure annual report 2013

HEIMSUCHUNG living room music festival #2
The art of encounter: The Philippines meet Austria
ALPINE VOLKSHOCHSCHULE #3 "Days outside. Between nature and zivilisation", with Luis Töchterle (A)
Guten.Morgen.Salon #9: Ilija Trojanov NEW CONTINENTS
"Tu was, dann tut sich was": communication design for the festival-region of Mühlviertler Alm
"Leonart": coporate design
Guten.Morgen.Salon #8: Bernhard Schön, KRÄFTE MESSEN
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz: brochure annual report 2012
Guten.Morgen.Salon #7: in the framework of WACHSTUMSPHASE: intercultural community garden

CHEEK TO CHEEK: Communication for kuk-theater
SINNSTIFTER: corporate design
HEIMSUCHUNG living room music festival
ALPINE ALPINE EDUCATION CENTER #2 "Sprechen wo das Schweigen anfängt", Dr. Albert Vinzens (CH)
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz: brochure annual report 2011
Hörstadt Murau: grafic-design
Good.Morning.Salon #5 - # 6

"Tu was, dann tut sich was" festival-co-conception and communication design
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz: brochure annual report 2010
ALPINE EDUCATION CENTER #1, bivouacs and the implied inertial state, Helga Peskoller
Plan B - Verein für Pflege- und Adoptiveltern: new corporate design
The art of encounter: Hongkong performances
Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH: storytelling seminar
m-haus: campaign relaunch
Good.Morning.Salon #1 - #4
turbine: CD-development
How much is enough?: book

20 years communications culture: Die Fabrikanten: magazine und celebration
Schäxpir 2011 ? iInternational theater festival: corporate design
Grenzmuseum Kollerschlag: prestudy co-conception
Hotel am Domplatz: book and customer surprise
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz: brochure annual report 2009
müli Bioladen communication design
Kulturreise Südosteuropa in Linz- an EU-project on behalf of Media Consulta Berlin
10 Years Schäxpir - jubilee brochure
Vehikel: CD relaunch
uwe nachrichten: paper design concept

Lecture DIE FABRIKANTEN, Theater Thüringen (Gera, GER) topic: homeland-maker
uwe: exhibit at a fair
ix_change: Lecture from < rotor > (Graz)
rubicom Agency for Corporate History, corporate design, website
Publishing house Veritas: corporate video
REALITY_CHECK: Lecture & Workshop with the philosopher GERHARD JOHANN LISCHKA
Schäxpir 2009 ? International Theatre Festival: corporate design, advertising means, website
Lentos Art Museum Linz: brochure annual report 2008

ix_change: Lecture from Raoul Marek (Berlin)
NOWON: a festive evening, in the labor of encounter
P.ART: international conference
region uwe: corporate design, campaign
LECTURE: Die Fabrikanten, Züricher Academy of Art, Departement Music
Dramaturgie: Kommunikationskultur-Seminar
Schäxpir 2008 ? International Theatre Festival: corporate design, advertising means, website
Lentos Art Museum Linz: brochure annual report 2007
Kunstraum Goethestrasse xtd: campaign CITY OF RESPECT

Blind Spot: video online project
m-haus: CD-relaunch
TRIVIAL EUROPE: Five greatest cities in the world!
(documentary, A 2007, 60min)
Lentos Art Museum Linz: brochure annual report 2006
TischTransaktion/Table Transaction: cultural project at the festival Landarbeit, Heinde (Ger)
Lin-c comic-competition, communication
art(tificial) spot noman's land, oö. Landesgalerie, lecture
DURCHREISEPLATZ DELUXE: stop over place, cultural project
Dramaturgy: communicationculture-seminar
Crossing Europe Film Festival: communication, marketing, advertising means

Comic competition "lin_c": corporate design
Botschaft Europa: video logbook #4 ? Thessaloniki
quer feld ein: Documentation of projects by Die Fabrikanten on DVD
Schäxpir ? International Theatre Festival: corporate design, advertising means, website
TechLab Linz: concept, presentation (in cooperation with consortium TechLab)
Vineyard Wendelin: corporate design relaunch, website relaunch
Crossing Europe Film Festival: communication, marketing, advertising means
Stifterhaus Linz: grafic design of various publications
Lentos Art Museum Linz: media planning and realization, logistics for advertising means for Gottfried Helnwein exhibiton "Face It"
Adalbert Stifter im Böhmerwald/Adalbert Stifter and the Bohemian Forest: corporate design and concept for follow up project of the Adalbert Stifter anniversary 2005
m-haus: media planning, consulting, ads
Diagonale-participation with "I Am My World" (experimental video by Gerald Harringer)
Botschaft Europa: video logbook #3 ? Liverpool

Stifter 2005: corporate design, communication concept, advertising means, catalogue, web design etc.
ORF Ö1: nine ideas for communication and marketing
Linz > Venice on Foot
Botschaft Europa: video logbook #2 ? Novi Sad
Culture Center Belgrade: lecture
Stifterhaus/Adalbert Stifter Institute: advertising means
City of Linz/Linz Kultur: text & design newsletter Linz Kultur
Province of Upper Austria: folder for Leipzig book fair
Crossing Europe Filmfestival Linz: public relations, diverse advertising means
Joachim Eckl/HeimArt ? TransPlantAktion: information panels
Lentos Museum of Modern Art Linz: communication concept
Verwehte Grenzen/Scattered Borders: documentary video
Vineyard Wendelin: folder
m-haus: company brochure, ads
Botschaft Europa: video logbook #1 ? Linz
European Capital of Culture 2008: Liverpool ? lecture Sir Bob Scott

Botschaft Linz: book
Grenzwert Europa/Limit Value Europe: lectures
European Capital of Culture 2010: Bremen ? lecture Martin Heller
Schäxpir ? International Theatre Festival: corporate design, advertising means, website
Crossing Europe Filmfestival Linz: public relations, advertising means, catalogue design
City of Linz/Department of Culture: newsletter design, copywriting
OE-263: folder
Hypo Oberösterreich ? Initiative Physicians on the Web: campaign, booklet, events
9x9: international congress, collaborative web project
Institut für Kulturkonzepte: lecturers for culture marketing
Neues Museum Weserburg, Bremen: lecture

50.000 Cent: poster campaign for the Federal Chamber of Labour
UWE: grafic design, booth, folder
eq-Einblicke: magazine design
MA: film, presentation, workshop
?Starres Gesicht ? wacher Geist:? congress in Küblis/Dalvazza (CH) (participation)
Chamber of Labour Upper Austria/Department of Culture: communication counseling
eq: corporate design, communication concept
WiPublic: communication counseling for the Federal Chamber of Labour web design
Festival of the Regions: public relations

LiquidCom: congress ? concept, curatorship, organization
European Capital of Culture Linz 2009: Folder
Gothic Treasures Upper Austria: exhibition design
Sky4Home: communication concept, advertising means
Wer fliegt: documentation of projects by Die Fabrikanten
KUPF: corporate design, folder
daMoarhof: corporate design, web site
Schäxpir ? International Theatre Festival: corporate design, advertising means, website
OE-263: corporate design
Vineyard Wendelin: corporate design, package design, advertising means
Media Academy 2002: co-conception, co-organization
Boris Nieslony: folder, exhibition
Chamber of Labour Vienna: corporate design for youth communication, logo & exhibition design for L14 education information fair
MAK-Nite & MAK Design Show Cases 2002: Museum for applied arts, Vienna
Architekturzentrum Wien: lecture
Vision Consult Academy: folder
EU-InfoRelais: corporate design, web site
Brucknerhaus Linz: communication counseling

die jungs: corporate design
PSI Innsbruck: web site
Logopädische Praxis: corporate design
?Silojodeln?: concept, organization
Media Academy 2001: co-conception, co-organization
Ampflwang 2006: concept counseling
?Bilder werden billiger?: postcard für Edition Kartenpost/Festival of the Regions
Transaction. A culture of communicaton: poster

OÖ Önline: corporate design
Zeitreise Oberösterreich/Journey in Time Upper Austria:: concept, design, organization
Sprachinstitut Altmann: advertising means
Verlag Veritas: staging of the house opening
Theater Phönix: advertising means for several theater productions
flux: screen play for a full-lentgh feature film
m-haus: catalogue design advertising means (print)
?Der Macht die Stirn?: election campaign for the Green Party Innsbruck
150m2 Dorfboden/Village ground: concept Co-Organisation
Audio-Art-Generator: Medienkunstwettbewerb ? Co-Konzeption, Co-Organisation
Media Academy 2000: Co-Konzeption, organization
AMD: corporate design
TischTransaktion/Table Transaction: project for log-in Festival
PSI Innsbruck: folder
?Wasser aus Afrika?: project for pax Danubia

ODE: folder design
Institut für Hör- & Sehbildung: corporate design
Theater Phönix: corporate design, advertising means for several theater productions
basistage Linz: presentation of Die Fabrikanten
Media Academy 1999: co-conception, co-organization
KEBA-AIS: advertising sujet, booth
?Hotel Burkschat?: publication
Streetwork I.S.I.: folder & room design
GIF-ART Generator: concept, co-organization
m-haus: corporate design
?Tore, Brücken, Wege?: grafic design

Focus Suchtprävention: grafic design
Arge für Obdachlose: folder
Textilwerkstatt Haslach: corporate design
Sprachinstitut Altmann: corporate design
OÖ. Sozialplattform: design, counseling
?Linz Lasts Forever?: short film
?Wasser ist Kraft?: exhibition design
De Valigia, Linz: co-curator with Hans-Peter Wipplinger/art:phalanx (projectmanager) und Max Aufischer/art agency Styria (co-curator)

Wanderbar: concept, organization
Wore: corporate design
Magazin ?Blickpunkte?: advertising
Media Academy: co-conception, co-organization
Johannes Kepler University Linz: corporate design, folders
Ministry of Economy: folder
OÖ Online: corporate design
Vineyard Wendelin: web design
Theater Phönix: corporate design
Black Market International: ?Die Untersuchung? ? performance
Granica: concept, organization

Focus Suchtprävention: folder
ALOM ? Arbeit und Leben Oberes Mühlviertel: corporate design
Exit-Sozial: performance, foto competition
Veritas: corporate design, slogan
SSL ? Stahlbetonschwellenwerk Linz: opening ceremony, brochure
Research Media Service Johannes Kepler University Linz: corporate design
TischTransaktion/Table Transaction: project for Festival of the Regions
Media Academy: concept, organization

Vineyard Wendelin: corporate design
Wine night: feast
Festival of the Regions: web design, editing
Media Academy: concept, organization
Junge Szene/Secession Wien: installation ?Glück auf?
Netrip: concept, organization
Institut für Hör- und Sehbildung: corporate design
The Green Line: Encounter, Israel / Palästina: concept, organization
Tische über 2.000 Meter/Tables over 2.000 meters: concept, organization

Ephesos ? The Imagination of History: concept, organization
ARGE Freie Frequenz, offene Kanäle
?Dialoge?: concept, organization
Telemedia ?95: symposium ? concept, organization
Archaic: rave ? concept, organization
?Checkpoint?/Ars Electronica: public relations
MVA Hagenberg: design of communication means
AMD: corporate design, design of communication means
Frauenakademie Mühlviertel: corporate design
Verein Vorsorge und Sozialmedizin: corporate design, design of communication means
Verein zur Förderung von Arbeit und Bildung: design of communication means
Kulturverein Kanal: design of communication means
Schule der Wahrnehmung: video workshop Institut Hartheim

Ironet: concept, organization
Pro Medico: logo, design of communication means
Wissenschaftsladen Linz: design of communication means
ARGE Freie Frequenz, offene Kanäle
?Video Austria?: presentation of videos on Manhattan Neighbourhood Network NYC
Freiwald Werkstätten: public relations, design
?3 Stufen zum Himmel?: public relations
Wissen an der Börse: congress design
FreeCart: advertising concept
Die/The Jury: concept, organization
Verein Vorsorge und Sozialmedizin: campaign
Media Olympiad Global Village, Oslo/Göteborg: partiticpation
Institut Eva Blaickner: corporate design
Festival Splittersuche: exhibition design, design of communication means
Ärztekammer OÖ: magazine design
Wortlust: moderation of a literary travel

Festival of the Regions: co-conception, logo, communication concept
ARGE Freie Frequenz, offene Kanäle: congress, TV project
Martin Atzwanger: corporate design
Audioliege: concept, design
AG Kulturtheorie: concept & organization of philosophic talks
Sozialverein Wasch- und Haushaltshilfe: corporate design, design of communication means
Fa. Poferl: design of communication means
Kino Ebensee: design of communication means
Kindergarten für alle: posters
Kreativwerkstatt: workshop
Wissenschaftsladen Linz: design of communication means
VVS ? Verein Vorsorge & Sozialmedizin: booth
Ground 0: edition of Upper Austrian video art
?Dialoge?: lectures about virtual reality
Unternehmen Eisendorf/Iron Village: concept, organization

Media Olympiad Global Village, Albertville: participation
ARGE Freie Frequenz, offene Kanäle: co-conception
Ärztekammer Upper Austria: design of communication means
Bacopa: corporate design
Vehikel: corporate design
Pflanzenwachstum: video night
KUPF ? Kulturplattform OÖ: corporate design, design of communication means
Freiwald Werkstätten: corporate design
Cesaro: shop design
Left Alone: foto exhibition
Ins Blaue/Into the Blue, Schloss Tollet: 3 days event
Areal Linz Ost/Area Linz East: concept, organization
Edition Kartenpost/special edition ?500 years America?: participation
?Es ist schön, wenn man nichts voneinander weiss?: installation at the O.K Linz
?Die Kunst der Reise?: participation
Public Images: talk

Video brunch
Tec & Art: concept for a media college
Sozialplattform OÖ: communication counseling
Seniorenbetreuung Wels: booth, brochure
?Totally Controlled?: t-shirt for Ars Electronica
In Front Of: exhibition design, organization, catalogue design
13th Tokyo Video Festival: participation
Tonstudio Graf: Kommunikationskonzept
?Die neue Terminologie?: project for Fax-Art-Depot 91 Munich
?Kuh, Bett?: project for CEBIT Hannover
Edition Sandkorn: Grafikkonzept für Buchreihe
Workshops ?Kunst zwischen den Systemen?, ?Spurensuche? ? Linz city walks

Querspur Video Art Festival Linz: co-conception, co-curation, co- organization
Wissenschaftsladen Linz: corporate design
Grüne Alternative: design of communication means
In Flagranti: exhibition participation, communication concept
Bürgerinitiative Noitzmühle: communication concept

1,000 Tonnen/Bins: installation, design of communication means
Der grüne Kongress: corporate design, room design
Zast ? Zeitschrift für Afrikastudien: advertising
Katharina Gsöllpointner: corporate design
Österreichischer Informationsdienst für Entwicklungshilfe: exhibition concept

Theater des Kindes: corporate design, advertising means for several theater productions
?Mondsee?: video
Elefantentreffen: video documentation
Meyco /Loitz: catalogue concept, fotos