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With Martha on the Prinzensteig

The artist Martha Laschkolnig accompanies us virtually over the Prinzensteig to the Botanical Garden.
Total distance from Wilhering approx. 12 km, pure walking time approx. 3 hours and approx. 250 meters in altitude. Good basic condition and sure-footedness required in places. The path is NOT recommended in rain/snowfall or snow conditions!
Click here for the ROUTE MAP (Note: the map with photos and route information is also WITHOUT registration at visible, but the app must be used to determine your own location on the map).

Variant A: Via Linz and Ottensheim/Danube ferry (the summer variant).
Variant B: Directly to Wilhering: Bus stop "Wilhering Fähre/B1292" or "Wilhering Ortsmitte".

From now on we allow ourselves to use the “you” as is customary among hiking companions.
Follow the route description below and/or the ROUTE MAP via mobile phone. Here you will also find some pictures for inspiration ;-)
Watch HERE the short welcome video with Martha.

Route description:
If you have arrived with the Danube ferry (wire rope bridge), you go left past a small sandy beach (if there is no high tide) and a playground. Then, bear right onto a dirt road. It runs parallel to the Danube for almost 1 km to a road that takes us to Wilhering Abbey on the right-hand side. We go through a large iron gate and turn immediately right into the Stiftspark.
But if you start in the center of Wilhering, then go straight to the Stiftspark.

After a contemplative walk through the park, head out onto Linzerstraße, turn left along the monastery and after 300 m turn right up the "Prinzensteig". It is signposted, so this turnoff should not be overlooked. From there it is another 300 m to the entrance to the forest.

On forest paths that are wider at the beginning and later on narrow hiking trails, you go over a few rock steps and even past a short point with a safety rope. But that's no problem, just be careful when it's wet and don't slip anywhere! You can reach the vantage point in a good half hour or after 1.7 km. It's a small plateau of roots and rock with a beautiful view of the Danube. Find a comfortable place to rest.

From here we follow the path, which goes down a bit steeply for a short time, then in a left curve over a brook with a miniature water wheel, until after about 30 minutes we reach the "Roman Tower", or what from the tower is left. .Now we continue to Hainzenbachstrasse. We reach this from the Roman tower after about 20 minutes. Watch out for traffic when crossing the street! You then have to keep a little left to find the small path through the bushes. Then it goes steeply uphill on this trail and after another 15 - 20 minutes you reach a meadow path to a bench in front of the "13er-Turm".

If you are not sure whether you have taken the right path along this route, you should look again at the ROUTE PLAN (open with app to determine location).
From the 13th tower we come back into a populated area, but we follow narrow paths and forest paths first. Now it's not far to our destination, the Botanical Garden.

PS: Please note the liability release for the download.
The project video is in German only ;-(.

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