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10 artists from very different countries research the establishment of encounters at a distance to build relationships.
F.E.: Score #8 synchronisation, "My 20:00 is your 21:00 > Let‘s go for a walk > breathe deeply five times, > and if possible lay down on snow/bench/branch.. > Thinking about trajectory to Finland/Austria via imaginary moon > ...meeting there in the middle of the way... counting on 100"

Tuomas Laitinen (Finland)
Rea-Liina Brunou (Finland)
Harold HejaziI (Finland/Canada)
Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy (Australia)
Tamara Searle (Australia)
Mark Wilson (Australia)
Vida Cerkvenik Bren (Slovenia)
Grega Mocivnik (Slovenia)
Tanja Brandmayr (Austria)
Wolfgang Preisinger (Austria)

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