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Pohori na Sumave (CZ)
August 1993

Linz/Pohorska Ves (CZ)/Prague/Vienna
2004 ? 2005

The Iron Curtain falls and reopens the deserted death strip between the Czech Republic and Austria. At this focus of Central European history we initiate Unternehmen Eisendorf/Iron Village with artists and social scientists from both countries.

The interdisciplinary procession settles in the ghost village Pohori na Sumave, in order to investigate the place with its emptiness and its history and to think about surviving in the future. The weight of the luggage and the material for the artist or scientific work is limited to 30 kg ? that is how much the Sudeten Germans were allowed to take with them, when they were driven out of the village in 1946.

The participants ? among them a former inhabitant of the village - live and work together for nine days in the exceptional situation of no man?s land. After the leaving party the pieces of work, documents and objects made in Pohori na Sumave are packed in iron suitcases and sealed. As capsules of time they await their re-opening until the turn of the millennnium.


Finally, in the summer of 2004, we look for the former participants and give the suitcases back to their owners. The short documentary video ?Scattered borders? re-traces the venture, portrays the participants? situation of life 10 years later and captures the opening of the time capsules.

With Peter Arlt (A), Sabine Bründl (A), Klara Tereza Culikova (CZ), Gustav Deutsch (A), Wolfgang Ernst (A), Margarete Fischer (A), Traude Horvath (A), Margarete Jahrmann (A), Jiri Kroupa (CZ), Eva Müllner (A), Oskar Obereder (A), Jitka Oltova (CZ), Andreas Ortag (A), Friedrich Pochlatko (A), Thomas Redl (A), Hanna Schimek (A), Zdenek Sima (CZ), Hans Peter Spindler (A), Helmut Weber (A), Udo Wid (A), Helga Weule-Rankunar (A), Otto Zitko (A)

Catalogue IRON VILLAGE 1993

Downloads:   Film: Verwehte Grenzen, 30min (mov=4.024,40kB) |