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Love the future

flux talks about physical states, dreams and new plans for life ? a screenplay written for a full evening?s feature film. The story is set around the turn of the year 1999/2000. On New Year?s Eve everyone wants to sort out some important things or have a special experience. With very personal aims the protagonists of flux are about to make the journey through the night:

A paranoid radio pirate, a transsexual fashion designer and her brother, a very pregnant Korean and a lively telephone call girl come together in a minibus after some chaotic situations. The vehicle drifts on its path like a satellite between fired New Year?s rockets in nocturnal Mühlviertel. It is the more or less successful failure of their plans, which makes this night unforgettable. So torn and explosive as the world may seem that day, so intimate and real are the affectionate relationships which develop between the characters.

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