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Monastery Plasy/CZ
Autumn ? Winter 1996

A bed, a wardrobe, a table, a heater? and a PC with connection to the internet. That is the sparse interior of a cyber monk?s cell in the unoccupied Cistercian monastery of Plasy in the Czech Republic, which the Fabrikanten furnished in 1996. Four Czech and two Austrian participants retreat there for three days. Without leaving their cells the cyber monks communicate with the world only via internet. Diaries document the impressions of a heremit?s life. A test at the borderline between isolation and information overload in the global village.

Participants: Jarmila Pankova/CZ) (computer scientist at the Academy of Science in Prague, Aileen Derieg/A (feminist theologian and translator), Milena Slavicka/CZ (chief editor of the art magazine ?Vytvarne umeni?), Wolfgang Zehetner/A) (Federal ministry of economic affairs, Petr Vanicek/CZ (student), Zdislava Vanickova/CZ (student)

Downloads:   Cybermonk Reports (pdf=58,38kB) |