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Video Project

"Video" is the Latin word for "I see" respectively "I can see". BLIND SPOT invites to discovering the world through the eyes of blind people.

BLIND SPOT is an international art project, inviting blind and sighted people for participation. Blind residents are guiding video artists through their own city. They are detailing their personal bearing on this city, incidents of the past, and stories associated with certain spots and objects. They show what others are not able or unwilling to see.
The participating video artists are trying to interpret these stories in a visual and acoustic way and to uncover the city experiences of blind people. Thus, very distinct ways of seeing places and facetes of the city life appear.

At the same time, BLIND SPOT is a series of portraits, showing how people without eyesight find their ways in this world and how they deal with their environment and their sensual detraction.

After the book ?Botschaft Linz? and the documentary film ?Trivial Europe? , BLIND SPOT is the third part of a project run of DIE FABRIKANTEN about special places.

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// Another project about perception ?theblindspot? - from Herwig Turk and Dr. Paulo Pereira.//