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TELLING LIES. Dramaturgy seminar 2
OR THE TRUTH. Learning from the most acknowledged people:

Do you want to get in touch with essential questions of communication? Do you want to take a look at the secrets of dramaturgy, storytelling and staging as essential basics of operative communication from a fascinating perspective?

Colin Tucker is a script consultant. He is teaching screenwriting at the London film school, at the University of television and film in Munich and at the escuela internacional de cine y television in Cuba. He tries to encourage writing as a state of mind and everyday practice. As an internationally renowned script advisor he is also part of the team at Sources 2, an advanced training programme offering intensive script development workshops in Europe for professional screenwriters and teams of writers with cowriters, producers or directors with a specific film project for cinema and television. From 1977 up till 1998 he produced over 80 hours of drama for BBC and ITV.

Seminar for communication and marketing managers with a cultural background
September 11, 2008, Linz

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