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A Laboratory of Encounter - a Casino of Aesthesia

NOWON is an open space for communication. Communication without everyday language. Within the scope of a minimalistically staged ambiance, NOWON is opening a casino of aesthesia ? a casino where participants gain the abundance and plentifulness of human encounter. As a stage for the "art of performance" opens up for all those willing to experience Boris Nieslonys ?art of encounter?. Jetons enable the visitors to betake actively into a theme setting such as "The Fingers Theatre" ? and the game may start...

The NOWON - Project is defined by two sequences:
A four day performance workshop
(conducted by Boris Nieslony & Monica Klinger)
public performance event
Representation of the results with the option for the audience to participate


takes place in Linz at the former tax office on Main Square in 2008

DIE FABRIKANTEN coop. ASA European/Boris Nieslony