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Complete Works 1988ff

mkh_wels communication concept
SOUNDS STRANGE Live Art workshop (Ljubljana)

Art in the age of technical participation, series of interviews
Meeting Wittgenstein Prelude and Varieté
TREKKART Make the biggest journey with the smallest footprint.
Plan B site new
trust art

Autonomous Culture - cultural change in mobile everyday life
Moritat catalog design for Boris Nieslony
Microplastic PR
TREASURE | SCORE, International Live Art Working Conference

INTERSPORT PACHLEITNER cmmunication design
Lecture WTF IS LIVE ART with ...
FUTURE MOBILITIES coop. Academia Superior
Urban Cool Hub: cool inner cities
30 years – DIE FABRIKANTEN podcast
OE263, consulting event design
"Grenzgänge und das Abenteuer Kommunikation": brochure 30 years DIE FABRIKANTEN

GOOD TIMES: Pachleitner, magazine
NIXTASY, happening
in coop. art university - timebased media, and VALIE EXPORT Center Linz, Tabakfabrik
IST: Screendesign
FRAG DIE AK with YASMO: Video, Social Media campagne
RED SAPAPTA, PAP: Live Art lecture
CONNECT social fair, webdesign
DONAURADWEG: routing system

GOOD TIMES: Pachleitner, magazine
SNOOZE! (Dösen!), happening
OÖ. Soziallandkarte: online Map
SECRETS. City Trips to Hidden Stories
LECTURE WTF IS LIVE ART with Aaron Wright, Fierce Festival (UK), Mary Paterson (UK), Marianne Ramsay - Sonneck, Club Real (D), Illana Mitchel, Wunderbar (UK)
SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Performance Art. Salzamt Linz, with Boris Nieslony, Beatrice Didier, Elisa Andessner

SPOTTER NIGHT: Live Art party at Raumschiff
SPOTTER TRIP: Live Art on the Danube
Di@log: Design of laboratory of teaching for young people
Wendelin: new wine-website
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz: brochure annual report 2016

SPOTTER AG: international one-to-one Live Art Workshop
WTF is Live Art? – short interviews on youtube-playlist with Brian Lobel (GB) and Lois Keidan (LADA-GB)
KULTUR.PARK.TRAUN: Coporate Design
Frag die AK. stand design for "Jugend & Beruf" fair
IN DER FREMDE: unaccompanied minor refugees show round town
Frag die AK. Jugendkampagne: new ways as mobile websides enable direct access to specialised knowledge of AK OÖ. (Printsujets, Videos,...)
ROWING FOR EUROPE: rowing trip from Linz to the Black Sea
Sozialplattform OÖ. new webside
SPOTTER 1: Workshop with Odyssey Works (NY)
IK BILANZ: CD produktion, website
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz: brochure annual report 2015
HOTEL OBSCURA: movie und catalogue, premiere Schikaneder Kino Wien

"Tu was, dann tut sich was": Communicational Design for the region of festivals "Mostviertel Mitte"
WTF is Live Art? – short-interviews on youtube-channel
m-haus design16: CD, further development
THE ART OF ENCOUNTER #6: Chinese Performance Art
THE EXERCISES 1– 4: series of experiments
HOTEL OBSCURA LINZ Workshop and Event at Hotel Wolfinger
UNTERNEHMEN EISENDORF. VERWEHTE GRENZEN – part of the exibition at Green Belt Center Windhaag
CAMERA OBSCURA at Kirchturm Weibern (Spinn-Rat 2014)
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz: brochure annual report 2014

THE DONATION - Asylum seekers cook and give away delicacies from their home countries
Plan B Academy: CD
Nachtsalon - (NIGHT SALOON) A no-tell motel for live art experiences
Hotel Obscura: - an Australian-European Live Art cooperation project
30 years Vehikel :brochure, event, film, homepage
SPINN-RAT 2014 24h Jam Session in the area of Hausruck
Guten.Morgen.Salon #10: Tomas Sedlacek FATAL GROWTH
GfK - Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik: Coporate Design
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz: brochure annual report 2013

HEIMSUCHUNG living room music festival #2
The art of encounter: The Philippines meet Austria
ALPINE VOLKSHOCHSCHULE #3 "Days outside. Between nature and zivilisation", with Luis Töchterle (A)
Guten.Morgen.Salon #9: Ilija Trojanov NEW CONTINENTS
"Tu was, dann tut sich was": communication design for the festival-region of Mühlviertler Alm
"Leonart": coporate design
Guten.Morgen.Salon #8: Bernhard Schön, KRÄFTE MESSEN
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz: brochure annual report 2012
Guten.Morgen.Salon #7: in the framework of WACHSTUMSPHASE: intercultural community garden

CHEEK TO CHEEK: Communication for kuk-theater
SINNSTIFTER: corporate design
HEIMSUCHUNG living room music festival
ALPINE ALPINE EDUCATION CENTER #2 "Sprechen wo das Schweigen anfängt", Dr. Albert Vinzens (CH)
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz: brochure annual report 2011
Hörstadt Murau: grafic-design
Good.Morning.Salon #5 - # 6

"Tu was, dann tut sich was" festival-co-conception and communication design
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz: brochure annual report 2010
ALPINE EDUCATION CENTER #1, bivouacs and the implied inertial state, Helga Peskoller
Plan B - Verein für Pflege- und Adoptiveltern: new corporate design
The art of encounter: Hongkong performances
Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH: storytelling seminar
m-haus: campaign relaunch
Good.Morning.Salon #1 - #4
turbine: CD-development
How much is enough?: book

20 years communications culture: Die Fabrikanten: magazine und celebration
Schäxpir 2011 ? iInternational theater festival: corporate design
Grenzmuseum Kollerschlag: prestudy co-conception
Hotel am Domplatz: book and customer surprise
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz: brochure annual report 2009
müli Bioladen communication design
Kulturreise Südosteuropa in Linz- an EU-project on behalf of Media Consulta Berlin
10 Years Schäxpir - jubilee brochure
Vehikel: CD relaunch
uwe nachrichten: paper design concept

Lecture DIE FABRIKANTEN, Theater Thüringen (Gera, GER) topic: homeland-maker
uwe: exhibit at a fair
ix_change: Lecture from < rotor > (Graz)
rubicom Agency for Corporate History, corporate design, website
Publishing house Veritas: corporate video
REALITY_CHECK: Lecture & Workshop with the philosopher GERHARD JOHANN LISCHKA
Schäxpir 2009 ? International Theatre Festival: corporate design, advertising means, website
Lentos Art Museum Linz: brochure annual report 2008

ix_change: Lecture from Raoul Marek (Berlin)
NOWON: a festive evening, in the labor of encounter
P.ART: international conference
region uwe: corporate design, campaign
LECTURE: Die Fabrikanten, Züricher Academy of Art, Departement Music
Dramaturgie: Kommunikationskultur-Seminar
Schäxpir 2008 ? International Theatre Festival: corporate design, advertising means, website
Lentos Art Museum Linz: brochure annual report 2007
Kunstraum Goethestrasse xtd: campaign CITY OF RESPECT

Blind Spot: video online project
m-haus: CD-relaunch
TRIVIAL EUROPE: Five greatest cities in the world!
(documentary, A 2007, 60min)
Lentos Art Museum Linz: brochure annual report 2006
TischTransaktion/Table Transaction: cultural project at the festival Landarbeit, Heinde (Ger)
Lin-c comic-competition, communication
art(tificial) spot noman's land, oö. Landesgalerie, lecture
DURCHREISEPLATZ DELUXE: stop over place, cultural project
Dramaturgy: communicationculture-seminar
Crossing Europe Film Festival: communication, marketing, advertising means

Comic competition "lin_c": corporate design
Botschaft Europa: video logbook #4 ? Thessaloniki
quer feld ein: Documentation of projects by Die Fabrikanten on DVD
Schäxpir ? International Theatre Festival: corporate design, advertising means, website
TechLab Linz: concept, presentation (in cooperation with consortium TechLab)
Vineyard Wendelin: corporate design relaunch, website relaunch
Crossing Europe Film Festival: communication, marketing, advertising means
Stifterhaus Linz: grafic design of various publications
Lentos Art Museum Linz: media planning and realization, logistics for advertising means for Gottfried Helnwein exhibiton "Face It"
Adalbert Stifter im Böhmerwald/Adalbert Stifter and the Bohemian Forest: corporate design and concept for follow up project of the Adalbert Stifter anniversary 2005
m-haus: media planning, consulting, ads
Diagonale-participation with "I Am My World" (experimental video by Gerald Harringer)
Botschaft Europa: video logbook #3 ? Liverpool

Stifter 2005: corporate design, communication concept, advertising means, catalogue, web design etc.
ORF Ö1: nine ideas for communication and marketing
Linz > Venice on Foot
Botschaft Europa: video logbook #2 ? Novi Sad
Culture Center Belgrade: lecture
Stifterhaus/Adalbert Stifter Institute: advertising means
City of Linz/Linz Kultur: text & design newsletter Linz Kultur
Province of Upper Austria: folder for Leipzig book fair
Crossing Europe Filmfestival Linz: public relations, diverse advertising means
Joachim Eckl/HeimArt ? TransPlantAktion: information panels
Lentos Museum of Modern Art Linz: communication concept
Verwehte Grenzen/Scattered Borders: documentary video
Vineyard Wendelin: folder
m-haus: company brochure, ads
Botschaft Europa: video logbook #1 ? Linz
European Capital of Culture 2008: Liverpool ? lecture Sir Bob Scott

Botschaft Linz: book
Grenzwert Europa/Limit Value Europe: lectures
European Capital of Culture 2010: Bremen ? lecture Martin Heller
Schäxpir ? International Theatre Festival: corporate design, advertising means, website
Crossing Europe Filmfestival Linz: public relations, advertising means, catalogue design
City of Linz/Department of Culture: newsletter design, copywriting
OE-263: folder
Hypo Oberösterreich ? Initiative Physicians on the Web: campaign, booklet, events
9x9: international congress, collaborative web project
Institut für Kulturkonzepte: lecturers for culture marketing
Neues Museum Weserburg, Bremen: lecture

50.000 Cent: poster campaign for the Federal Chamber of Labour
UWE: grafic design, booth, folder
eq-Einblicke: magazine design
MA: film, presentation, workshop
?Starres Gesicht ? wacher Geist:? congress in Küblis/Dalvazza (CH) (participation)
Chamber of Labour Upper Austria/Department of Culture: communication counseling
eq: corporate design, communication concept
WiPublic: communication counseling for the Federal Chamber of Labour web design
Festival of the Regions: public relations

LiquidCom: congress ? concept, curatorship, organization
European Capital of Culture Linz 2009: Folder
Gothic Treasures Upper Austria: exhibition design
Sky4Home: communication concept, advertising means
Wer fliegt: documentation of projects by Die Fabrikanten
KUPF: corporate design, folder
daMoarhof: corporate design, web site
Schäxpir ? International Theatre Festival: corporate design, advertising means, website
OE-263: corporate design
Vineyard Wendelin: corporate design, package design, advertising means
Media Academy 2002: co-conception, co-organization
Boris Nieslony: folder, exhibition
Chamber of Labour Vienna: corporate design for youth communication, logo & exhibition design for L14 education information fair
MAK-Nite & MAK Design Show Cases 2002: Museum for applied arts, Vienna
Architekturzentrum Wien: lecture
Vision Consult Academy: folder
EU-InfoRelais: corporate design, web site
Brucknerhaus Linz: communication counseling

die jungs: corporate design
PSI Innsbruck: web site
Logopädische Praxis: corporate design
?Silojodeln?: concept, organization
Media Academy 2001: co-conception, co-organization
Ampflwang 2006: concept counseling
?Bilder werden billiger?: postcard für Edition Kartenpost/Festival of the Regions
Transaction. A culture of communicaton: poster

OÖ Önline: corporate design
Zeitreise Oberösterreich/Journey in Time Upper Austria:: concept, design, organization
Sprachinstitut Altmann: advertising means
Verlag Veritas: staging of the house opening
Theater Phönix: advertising means for several theater productions
flux: screen play for a full-lentgh feature film
m-haus: catalogue design advertising means (print)
?Der Macht die Stirn?: election campaign for the Green Party Innsbruck
150m2 Dorfboden/Village ground: concept Co-Organisation
Audio-Art-Generator: Medienkunstwettbewerb ? Co-Konzeption, Co-Organisation
Media Academy 2000: Co-Konzeption, organization
AMD: corporate design
TischTransaktion/Table Transaction: project for log-in Festival
PSI Innsbruck: folder
?Wasser aus Afrika?: project for pax Danubia

ODE: folder design
Institut für Hör- & Sehbildung: corporate design
Theater Phönix: corporate design, advertising means for several theater productions
basistage Linz: presentation of Die Fabrikanten
Media Academy 1999: co-conception, co-organization
KEBA-AIS: advertising sujet, booth
?Hotel Burkschat?: publication
Streetwork I.S.I.: folder & room design
GIF-ART Generator: concept, co-organization
m-haus: corporate design
?Tore, Brücken, Wege?: grafic design

Focus Suchtprävention: grafic design
Arge für Obdachlose: folder
Textilwerkstatt Haslach: corporate design
Sprachinstitut Altmann: corporate design
OÖ. Sozialplattform: design, counseling
?Linz Lasts Forever?: short film
?Wasser ist Kraft?: exhibition design
De Valigia, Linz: co-curator with Hans-Peter Wipplinger/art:phalanx (projectmanager) und Max Aufischer/art agency Styria (co-curator)

Wanderbar: concept, organization
Wore: corporate design
Magazin ?Blickpunkte?: advertising
Media Academy: co-conception, co-organization
Johannes Kepler University Linz: corporate design, folders
Ministry of Economy: folder
OÖ Online: corporate design
Vineyard Wendelin: web design
Theater Phönix: corporate design
Black Market International: ?Die Untersuchung? ? performance
Granica: concept, organization

Focus Suchtprävention: folder
ALOM ? Arbeit und Leben Oberes Mühlviertel: corporate design
Exit-Sozial: performance, foto competition
Veritas: corporate design, slogan
SSL ? Stahlbetonschwellenwerk Linz: opening ceremony, brochure
Research Media Service Johannes Kepler University Linz: corporate design
TischTransaktion/Table Transaction: project for Festival of the Regions
Media Academy: concept, organization

Vineyard Wendelin: corporate design
Wine night: feast
Festival of the Regions: web design, editing
Media Academy: concept, organization
Junge Szene/Secession Wien: installation ?Glück auf?
Netrip: concept, organization
Institut für Hör- und Sehbildung: corporate design
The Green Line: Encounter, Israel / Palästina: concept, organization
Tische über 2.000 Meter/Tables over 2.000 meters: concept, organization

Ephesos ? The Imagination of History: concept, organization
ARGE Freie Frequenz, offene Kanäle
?Dialoge?: concept, organization
Telemedia ?95: symposium ? concept, organization
Archaic: rave ? concept, organization
?Checkpoint?/Ars Electronica: public relations
MVA Hagenberg: design of communication means
AMD: corporate design, design of communication means
Frauenakademie Mühlviertel: corporate design
Verein Vorsorge und Sozialmedizin: corporate design, design of communication means
Verein zur Förderung von Arbeit und Bildung: design of communication means
Kulturverein Kanal: design of communication means
Schule der Wahrnehmung: video workshop Institut Hartheim

Ironet: concept, organization
Pro Medico: logo, design of communication means
Wissenschaftsladen Linz: design of communication means
ARGE Freie Frequenz, offene Kanäle
?Video Austria?: presentation of videos on Manhattan Neighbourhood Network NYC
Freiwald Werkstätten: public relations, design
?3 Stufen zum Himmel?: public relations
Wissen an der Börse: congress design
FreeCart: advertising concept
Die/The Jury: concept, organization
Verein Vorsorge und Sozialmedizin: campaign
Media Olympiad Global Village, Oslo/Göteborg: partiticpation
Institut Eva Blaickner: corporate design
Festival Splittersuche: exhibition design, design of communication means
Ärztekammer OÖ: magazine design
Wortlust: moderation of a literary travel

Festival of the Regions: co-conception, logo, communication concept
ARGE Freie Frequenz, offene Kanäle: congress, TV project
Martin Atzwanger: corporate design
Audioliege: concept, design
AG Kulturtheorie: concept & organization of philosophic talks
Sozialverein Wasch- und Haushaltshilfe: corporate design, design of communication means
Fa. Poferl: design of communication means
Kino Ebensee: design of communication means
Kindergarten für alle: posters
Kreativwerkstatt: workshop
Wissenschaftsladen Linz: design of communication means
VVS ? Verein Vorsorge & Sozialmedizin: booth
Ground 0: edition of Upper Austrian video art
?Dialoge?: lectures about virtual reality
Unternehmen Eisendorf/Iron Village: concept, organization

Media Olympiad Global Village, Albertville: participation
ARGE Freie Frequenz, offene Kanäle: co-conception
Ärztekammer Upper Austria: design of communication means
Bacopa: corporate design
Vehikel: corporate design
Pflanzenwachstum: video night
KUPF ? Kulturplattform OÖ: corporate design, design of communication means
Freiwald Werkstätten: corporate design
Cesaro: shop design
Left Alone: foto exhibition
Ins Blaue/Into the Blue, Schloss Tollet: 3 days event
Areal Linz Ost/Area Linz East: concept, organization
Edition Kartenpost/special edition ?500 years America?: participation
?Es ist schön, wenn man nichts voneinander weiss?: installation at the O.K Linz
?Die Kunst der Reise?: participation
Public Images: talk

Video brunch
Tec & Art: concept for a media college
Sozialplattform OÖ: communication counseling
Seniorenbetreuung Wels: booth, brochure
?Totally Controlled?: t-shirt for Ars Electronica
In Front Of: exhibition design, organization, catalogue design
13th Tokyo Video Festival: participation
Tonstudio Graf: Kommunikationskonzept
?Die neue Terminologie?: project for Fax-Art-Depot 91 Munich
?Kuh, Bett?: project for CEBIT Hannover
Edition Sandkorn: Grafikkonzept für Buchreihe
Workshops ?Kunst zwischen den Systemen?, ?Spurensuche? ? Linz city walks

Querspur Video Art Festival Linz: co-conception, co-curation, co- organization
Wissenschaftsladen Linz: corporate design
Grüne Alternative: design of communication means
In Flagranti: exhibition participation, communication concept
Bürgerinitiative Noitzmühle: communication concept

1,000 Tonnen/Bins: installation, design of communication means
Der grüne Kongress: corporate design, room design
Zast ? Zeitschrift für Afrikastudien: advertising
Katharina Gsöllpointner: corporate design
Österreichischer Informationsdienst für Entwicklungshilfe: exhibition concept

Theater des Kindes: corporate design, advertising means for several theater productions
?Mondsee?: video
Elefantentreffen: video documentation
Meyco /Loitz: catalogue concept, fotos