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an Australian European coproduction

An international cross-linked project with stations in Athens (GR, 10.2015), Linz and Vienna (AT, 02 & 10.2015) , Tours (FR, 02.2016) and Melbourne (AUS, 03.2016). To see the international webpage please click here.


FILM (18min, Director: Anatol Bogendorfer)

Hotel Obscura from Retro Goldmine Film on Vimeo.

HOTEL OBSCURA AUSTRIA 9.-10 & 10.10.2015
magdas hotel
Hotel Obscura focuses on the surreal and sensuous aspects of the hotel by using one-to-one performances and playful elements of experimental theater. In Vienna, visitors are invited to spend 15 minutes per session in several hotel rooms visiting a range of performance events and creating a unique and personalised experience. A lounge area for discussion & exchange is available.

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HOTEL OBSCURA LINZ Sunday 1.2.2015, at
Hotel Wolfinger
Audience-interactive performance & one-to-one-encounters, 1 artist = 1 audience (1:1).

The participation of the audience is an essential part of our program & our guest artists include: Deborah Hazler, Triage, Chris Swoon, Martha Labil, andakawa (Katharina Wawrik & Angelika Daphne Katzinger), katrinamuri and other guest artists from the fields of theater, dance, and performance art.

The rooms of the hotel offered unique 1:1 artist/audience encounter of 15 minutes duration.
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A Live-Art-Workshop from We. 28.1. till So. 1.2.2015 was held at Atelierhaus Salzamt. The workshop was led by Triage.

2015 Hotel Obscura will culminate in hotel-based performance projects in festival contexts in each city: Athens, Melbourne, Paris and Vienna.

HOTEL OBSCURA is an international cooperation project with European and Australian partners. It is currently being developed and produced by Triage, Erin Milne & Arts House (AUS); Die Fabrikanten (AT), Mezzanine Spectacles, GK Theater, La Folie Kilomètre & La Transplanisphère (FR) & Ohi Pezoume (GR) in Europe.

The aim of the project ist to develop a rich program of intercultural and artistic exchanges that investigate live art and interdisziplinary performance art and to form and long-term artistic collaborations and networks for all partners & cities involved.

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