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No idea? No problem. Ask the AK!

What can you do if your boss is permanently humiliating you and the other apprentices? Or if you forgot to read the small print in a contract? The answer is a simple on: We've got no idea – ask the AK! This is the new slogan, Die Fabrikanten create for the AK Upper Austria, the representation of the country's workers and employers, for their communication with the youth.

But "Ask the AK" is far more than a slogan. It is a strategy and a visually simple (but organizationally pretty complex) Interface. To spread the word around Die Fabrikanten produce two zippy commercials with local Hip Hop heroes Texta and contemporary performer & dance artist Silke Grabinger (in coop Anatol Bogendorfer) plus a series of ads. And with a smart staging of the AK booth for info fairs the whole design is being shifted into the third dimension (in coop. Christoph Fürst).

Links:   Videospot Frag die AK 1 | Videospot Frag die AK 2 |