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City Trips to Hidden Stories

Someone shares a secret with a guest. At a special place in Linz, in private or in public space, on the sofa or at a train station. Urban explorers get to know strangers and their stories. Stories that might remind them of theirself. They return from this tour with new sensual experiences, surprising views of the city and exciting encounters.

One day before the journey the guests receive the address and the exact date for the visit via SMS. After the first secret they are sent to another place. In the evening the participants meet on the walross Danube ship and share their experiences. Everything else is top secret

Reinhard Winklers photographical interpretations of the twelve secrets can be found on ínstagram. Everything else is still top secret.

The secrets carrier:
Bruno Buchberger, Gustav Deutsch, Aileen Derieg, Christoph Fürst, Claudia Hochedlinger, Werner Pfeffer, Thomas Pichler, Ilona Roth, Gitti Vasicek, Andi Wahl, Udo Wid, Markus Zett.