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30 years

We invite you to a fabulous, saver social get-together picnic on the occasion of "30 Years Die Fabrikanten". There are blankets, picnic boxes, drinks. And anti-cellular radio music from all directions.
But only via headphones (provided by us and virus-free).
We like to be infected by the sound in a chilled ambience ... (and only of it):
DJinni Godez - Brigitte Steiner-Schober, DJ Treibhaus, Daniel Stimmeder, * Pzeftiko Duo * (Stella Markidi and Gabriela Gordillo)
And "easy listenings" for all those who would like to listen to other guests, with or without a can phone.

New times require a new culture of celebration. And as we have never tired of emphasizing in the last 30 years: Culture grows through exchange.