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October 2004

Botschaft Linz is a series of snapshots showing relations between people and places in Linz. This forms an image of a city with its own opposites. 38 personal views of the city: Linzers from India, Istanbul, Arizona, Croatia, Iceland, Russia and Linz lead us to their favourite places in the city. 38 stories of eccentric pilgrimages, curious houses, offside football pitches, African car markets, dreamy docks and the red sky.
38 approaches to a very normal city.

With contributions from: Robert Wacha, Günter Klier, Andi Wahl, Doris Huemer and Andrea Tippe, Claudia Edermayer, Heinz Matzner, Anatol Bogendorfer, Herta Gurtner, Sonja Ablinger, Conrad Lienhardt, Lothar Jochade, Moritz Ablinger, Juttla Dilbag, Gabriele Heidecker, Jörg-D. Hanzhanz, Norbert Tomasi, Markus Zeindlinger, Stefan Fischer, Andreas Wansch, Claudia Dworschak, Edith Jakob, David Wagner, Helga Schager, Linda Björk Steinthorsdottir, Tatjana Kneidinger, Karen Schlimp,
Veronika Müller, Susanna Taub, Elke Hackl, Claudia Aufreiter Lauritz, Andreas Kump, Herbert Christian Stöger, Ruth Justus, Zora Scheiber, Gerhard Gruber, Aileen Derieg, Oliver Dangl and Acci Selek.

A book by Die Fabrikanten with fotos by Daniel Katzinger, published by the publishing house Bibliothek der Provinz.
161 x 228 mm, 162 pages, four-colour print, German/English.
ISBN 3 85252 614 0
Price: Euro 19.- excl. p&p