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Andreas Wendelin is part of the generation of young winegrowers from Burgenland, who take over their parents? inheritance with new premiss and are totally set on quality. Since 1990 he has run the family vineyard in Gols in the nature reserve of the lake Neusiedlersee with his wife Christine. We have been entrusted with the design of the product range and the communication design of the business since 1998.

A reduced corporate design develops, which is very personally shaped at the same time. It transports the change of generations in the vineyard, describes the elegance of the wines and reflects the passion, with which Andreas Wendelin has devoted himself to the art of winegrowing. The trademark gains its profile with a new product line (bottles, labels, packaging) and the smallest wine label in the world.

The offer differentiates with common development work in the series of top wines ?Priamos? with the several times awarded top wines ?Poet? and ?Prophet? as figurehead and a range of quality wines; in 2002 single vineyard wines left the cellar for the first time.

The website serves as sales channel. Furthermore we text and design all means of communication from the newsletter Wein-Lesen (grape harvesting) to the folders and presentations. We are on hand as consultants in strategy questions.

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