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Linz ? trading port, former canteen
5th ? 10th March 2002

For five days an expert group gathers at the former canteen of the Linzer trading port to take part in an experiment. Scenarios and forms of communication should be found out and developed, in which the limits between producers and consumers become liquid and permeable. A game should be invented and realized, in which everyone is an equal director and player.

On board there are Peter Trachsel/CH (Die Hasena), Hannah Hofmann & Sven Lindholm/GER (Geben und Nehmen/Give and Take), Kurt Jotter/GER (former office for unusual measures), Robert Jelinek/A (Sabotage), Hanna Schimek/A (Der blaue Kompressor/The blue compressor), Markus Seidl/A, the Story Dealers/GER as well as Boris Nieslony/GER (ASA European) as creator and companion.

On Saturday, 9th March the port canteen opens its doors and establishes itself as the scene of this communicative sequence, which has taken place during five days of seclusion.
The numerous guests are invited to solve the communication act. The participants are at the disposal of the visitors, who have become criminologists, within the frame of an open confrontation in many hours of interaction, where they are witnesses of the experiment.