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coop Community of Weibern
24th May ? 30th August 2000

The community of Weibern gives itself a new village square: In the middle of the unpopular as well as dormant existing village square 150 m2 village ground are made out of simple boards. Which types of meeting forms do people need in the media (consumer) age? What is contemporary ?village culture?? For one hundred days the village ground is there as an open space. Anybody, associations and initiatives in Weibern are invited to use the village ground as a space of activity for their purposes and interests. A written entry in the public time schedule is enough to book the boards, which mean the village for one summer.

The people in Weibern frequently make use of their time-limited village square and take the initiative as performers. It becomes visible to the public, what moves the people, which passions they cherish and which talents are present in Weibern. The village ground functions as a public living room, a banqueting hall, a gallery, a concert hall, a discussion forum?

More than eighty times they celebrate, make music, discuss and make presentations on the village ground. The council holds open meetings on the boards, the music society practices publically, stargazers gaze, spirits are distilled and ambitious photographers meet. Talks, exhibitions, art projects, film shows and celebrations are all held out of doors.

Documentation 150m2 Dorfbod?n (in German): Euro 10.- excl. p&p

Big box with documentation and additional material (in German): Euro 12.- excl. p&p

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