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Interview series

While the social process of individualisation lingers on we talk to people who have decided to turn their backs to classic forms of gainful employment in order to live on their own account and to hold on to their personal visions apart from the social mainstream even despite hardest economic conditions.
In interviews (available only in German) we trace personal attitudes and life styles, motivations and crucial experiences.

Interview #1: UDO WID
Udo Wid studied physcis, worked as a biophysicist at the nuclear research center of Seibersdorf (Austria), lived in the woods as a hermit for four years, was a guest at the Viennese Academy of Visual Arts and deals a.o. with cultural theory, aesthetics and philosophy beside his ongoing scientific work which is
dedicated to the exploration of extreme low frequencies. He lives and works in Vienna.

Interview #2: BORIS NIESLONY
Boris Nieslony is one of the most important artists, theorists and archivists of performance art. Besides many other activies he co-founded the Künstlerhaus Hamburg, the European network "Die Stifter" ("The founders"), initiated the interaction model "Black Market International" together with international performance artists as well as the performance network ?Art Service Association ASA?. He collaborated with Die Fabrikanten several times and lives in Cologne.

Maria and Matthias Reichl are pioneers of the Austrian peace and environment protection movement. In Bad Ischl they founded the Center for Encounter and active Non-violence, which they have been running for 30 years.

Downloads:   Interview mit UDO WID (pdf=53,29kB) | Interview mit BORIS NIESLONY (pdf=62,21kB) | Interview mit MARIA und MATTHIAS REICHL (pdf=58,68kB) |