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Within the inner circle of Die Fabrikaten there are Birgitt Müllers eigenbrot. Gerald Harringer, Andreea Sasaran, Florian Sedmak and Michael Leithinger.
Among our network and cooperation partners there are the performance artists and theoretician Boris Nieslony and the ASA network (Art Service Association), which he initiated, the artist couple Gustav Deutsch and Hanna Schimek (D&S), die Performancekünstlerin Elisa Andessner with FAMA, the designers Hans Kropshofer and Christoph Fürst . A partner and co-Fabrikant of many years? standing is the city sociologist Peter Arlt as well as the Cultural Institute of Johannes Kepler University with Gerd Fröhlich.. A very welcome guest as a friend and DJ at celebrations of Die Fabrikanten is always John Tylo from the Backwood Association.

Two of our former works ? the room production for the Green congress in 1989 and the audio sofa, designed for a Roman museum ? as well as Weingut Wendelin are part of the design archives of the MAK ? museum for applied art in Vienna.

Our projects in the cultural sector are supported by EU Culture, Land Upper Austria, the Federal Chancellery (BKA)/department of art and the City of Linz.